About Us

In a world where we're made to believe everything is peaceful, It is the opposite. Our world is of chaos, we live in a dystopic society, where everything and everyone is fake. Milk Man can take on the role of the super hero, or the super villain, It is up to you to decide his impact on the world we live in. 


Milk Man was created by Ben in 2017, He had a vision, a vision that would be the future of Streetwear and Clothing, for decades to come, His ideas were complex, and pushed boundaries of regular streetwear attire, He believed that the world around him was in fact collapsing and escaping to a utopic paradise was the way to survive. In 2020 Ben decided that it was no longer a utopic world, it was a dystopic society, of fakeness and chaos, that the average person decides to block out, He wanted to make a fashion statement unlike no one else, No limits, No stop, No being held back by societal constraints. To do so, he took Milk Man from being an idea, into reality and soon a clothing line.






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